Your Body Will Give You These 8 Signs If Your Kidney Is In Danger

The organs that you are about to read about are located under the rib cage. These vitals are responsible for detox and cleansing because they filter 10 to 150 quarts blood on a daily basis. At the same time, they keep the blood healthy too and are of essential importance for the organism. The kidneys eliminate all waste material or excessive fluids from it. If they are in trouble and cannot function any longer, then the health of the person is in trouble as well.

If you want to learn how to detect and prevent problems occurring as a result of kidney damage or failure, keep on reading:


If the kidneys will stop working, they eliminate the excess waste materials less and less, leading to swollen and bloated face and limbs.

Urination changes

The earliest and most common signs are:

Trouble during urination

Pressure while urination

Dark urine,

Less frequent urinating

Pale color of urine and frequent

Foamy urine

Urinate during the night

Skin rash

The accumulation of waste material in the body is linked to failure of the kidney function – itching and skin rashes. The waste builds up in the blood and gives the skin unhealthy appearance and makes it irritated and dry. Cosmetic creams and lotions may ease up for a bit, however, they do not solve the problem, because it comes from the inside.


When they are healthy, the kidneys produce EPO (erythropoietin), which is a hormone that promotes more red blood cells that transfers the oxygen where needed. If the number of red blood cells is lowered, then fatigue is going to occur and will influence over the brain and muscles function, too.

Shortness of breath

If the body is not supplied with enough  amount of oxygen, it’s because of the small number of red blood cells which bring the oxygen everywhere. The blood cells number is linked with harmful toxins piled up in the lungs.

Taste of metal in the mouth/metallic taste

The accumulated waste in the blood is going to change the taste to foods and cause bad breath. Kidney damage may result in poor appetite or severe change in certain too.


The upper back pain can occur by kidney stones or infections.

Dizziness and bad concentration

Poor oxygen transfer to the brain is a symptom of anemia and kidney failure. It provokes chaos with the concentration and focus, making dizziness and light headed. It might cause troubles with memory.

Include healthier foods in your everyday diet in order your kidneys to process good material and to work at their best too.