Kris Paronto

It seems Hillary Clinton is following her daughter’s lead and becoming more of a Twitter nag, butting in and commenting on every possible issue without being asked. It hasn’t worked out well for Chelsea, and it isn’t working any better for her mother.

Case in point: as Democrats look for yet another issue to pin on President Trump and blow out of proportion, they will try out talking points. The latest involves Puerto Rico – after the Democrats could not capitalize on Trump’s hurricane response to Texas and Florida, they found a foothold with Hurricane Maria.

After President Trump criticized Puerto Rico’s budget woes, Democrats grabbed hold of it and used it to criticize his response to Hurricane Maria. They claimed Trump was dragging his feet on providing aid to the area, and even questioned whether he knew Puerto Ricans were American citizens, with the island an official U.S. protectorate. Of course, they did so to play up what they claim is Trump’s bias towards Hipanics and Latinos.

Hillary Clinton seized upon this, by tweeting out a demand of her political rival. “President Trump, Sec. Mattis, and DOD should send the Navy, including the USNS Comfort, to Puerto Rico now. These are American citizens,” she cried.

Of course, Clinton was once again spreading a false narrative. There was no foot-dragging or delayed response to getting hurricane aid to Puerto Rico. The USNS Comfort had already been dispatched, and Puerto Rican officials stated that there was an unprecedented level of cooperation and coordination between the United Sates and Puerto Rico.

Even so, all of Clinton’s grandstanding came crashing down when Kris Paronto, one of surviving heroes of Benghazi, dropped a truth bomb on her. “Wish u had that sense of urgency while u were watching the ISR feed during our 5th firefight in B-ghazi 😑or did u not consider us Americans?”

That brought some great responses from his supporters.

Clinton, of course, never responded to Paronto, much like she never responded to the requests for help from the Benghazi Embassy. She has gone back to nipping at Trump’s heels on social media.