Sean Spicer Just Came Out Of Hiding And Dropped This BOMBSHELL On The Democratic Party

Sean Spicer hasn’t been in the limelight in a while. Look what he just dropped today. This is sweeping the nation, y’all.

Harvey Weinstein has gotten caught in a huge allegation of rampant sexual harassment by co-chairman Harvey Weinstein. His company has been falling apart and the company announced that Mr. Weinstein would take leave immediately.

Harvey Weinstein was the most powerful producer in Hollywood and just finished a documentary called “The Hunting Ground.” That makes sense because it seems that he liked to prey on young girls.

Weinstein gave almost $650,000 to Obama. It’s no surprise that they won’t talk about it.

The Democrats don’t want you to know about this. They don’t want people to know that Weinstein’s dirty money has been funding their politics. Get this news out there, patriots.